Understand & Predict research group


Information for schools

Dutch schools from all over the Netherlands have collaborated with the MathChild group over the 2009/2010 school year.

We are currently in contact with schools,  preferably in the area of Amsterdam, which are interested in taking part in our longitudinal study. For this study children of this year's groep 2 will be asked to play several computer "games" in small individual and/or group sessions. These children's cognitive skills will be tested also over groep 3 and groep 4.

Is your school interested in participating in our study? Then contact us and join our research!

e-mail: I.XenidouDervou(at)psy.vu.nl


** Our team respects and understands the need for school's everyday routine to not be interrupted. Thus, our research assistants work in close relation with the classes's teachers so that our data collection procedure does not interrupt their work.