Understand & Predict research group



Welcome to the website of the "Understand & Predict" MathChild research group of the LEARN! research institute of the VU University of Amsterdam!

Our research is part of the MathChild interlinked research project which is conducted in collaboration with Utrecht University and the University of Maastricht and is funded by the  NWO (National Dutch Organization for Scientific Research).

The general aim of everyone working in the MathChild research is to study elaborately the development of children's mathematical skills. Children's skills are studied from cognitive, neuropsychological and training related perspectives.

Understand & Predict MathChild group's main research question:

What are the developmental pathways for children's proficiency and deficiency in math?

Math skills are important for cognitive development and life success.The U&P VU University team examines the development of children's math skills from a cognitive perspective. We aim to understand the cognitive processes underlying children's math skills.  Which cognitive skills are the best early predictors for the development of children's skills? Which skills predict their later math performance? We study children from 5 to 8 years of age.

(from left to right) Prof. E. C. D. M. van Lieshout, Dr. Iro Xenidou-Dervou, Dr. Menno van der Schoot after Iro's PhD defense.